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Since 2013, I’ve provided patients with all the tools they need to maintain a healthy mindset and stay informed on the latest developments in the industry. Even when you’re not in my office, my resources are easily accessible for your convenience. Check out the resources listed below, and stay informed!

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Coping With Stress: 7 Tips for Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a common form of talk therapy. Unlike some other therapies, CBT is typically intended as a short-term treatment, taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see results.

Although the past is certainly relevant, CBT focuses on providing you with tools to solve your current problems. And they're a lot of ways to get there with this type of therapy.

Here’s a look at some of the techniques used in CBT, what types of issues they address, and what to expect with CBT.

1. Take some time to breathe deeply, count down from 10 - 1 slowing down with each number count.
2. Meditate, Take 10 minute's out to close your eyes and notice your breathing, relaxing more with every breath out.
3. Exercise, save your stress-busting for the gym/running, or any form of exercise, use it to fuel your session.
4. Picture stress as a good motivator to get thing's done, use it to fuel your ambition.
5. Connect with people, friends, or loved one's. This releases the feel-good hormones.
6. Get out into nature, walk the dog, or just walk yourself.
7. Listen to some relaxing music, you must have some music that helps you unwind.

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